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Avoid the Hand Surgeon by Stopping Nerve and Joint Damage in Their Tracks

Some common issues that require the help of a hand surgeon are arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tendinitis. These problems that affect the fingers and palms can make it difficult to perform routine, everyday tasks. Issues that affect the fists can create a major problem with employment as well. There are different industries that lend themselves towards issues with the fingers and palms and unfortunately for many, these industries are quiet common.

Labor Industries

Labor industries, such as carpentry, construction, and factory work can be difficult on the body. Tendinitis can easily develop from performing the same motion over and over again. Tendinitis affects the joints and makes movement more painful. With tendinitis, you will find that the joints become inflamed. This will make the joints appear swollen and tender to the touch. There may be a heat sensation that arises from joints affected with tendinitis and the skin surrounding the joint may also be red in appearance.

If you are in a labor industry it is a good idea to pay attention to the symptoms that something may be wrong with your body. Try to use a different method of lifting or moving items to avoid the same motion over and over, and remember to properly stretch before starting work to loosen up the joints.

Office Workers

Those who work in an office and spend most of their time typing on a computer may find themselves developing the beginning symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel easily develops in the fingers when you perform the same motions. Those who work on computers and type for many hours of the day are at risk of developing carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel means that pressure is applied to the main nerve in the wrist and can cause movement to become more difficult. Those who experience carpal tunnel will notice numbness and tingling, especially the palm area. If carpal tunnel develops, this may require the help of a hand surgeon to repair the nerve damage in the hands. If surgery is required, the healing time can be several weeks, which can put professionals at a disadvantage for going back to work.

To combat carpal tunnel, there are gloves made to offer support to the palm and fingers, discouraging damage to the nerves in the wrist and fist areas. It is also a good idea to stay away from heavy alcohol use and not to use heavy motions when writing. Typing lightly and taking frequent breaks can help office professionals avoid the development of carpal tunnel.

A hand surgeon can help repair nerve and tendon damage in the hands, but you can help to prevent any symptoms from exacerbating. Take good care of your joints and they will last a long time without the need for surgery.

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